2017 Core Training for Teachers

Project Lead The Way Professional Development is focused on in-depth training (Core Training) and continuing education (Ongoing Training). By participating in these trainings, educators have the opportunity to increase their depth of content knowledge, skills and pedagogy related to specific PLTW courses instruction.

PLTW’s Core Training (CT) is an intensive and immersive in-person training experience held at University of South Carolina (or another PLTW Affiliate University). During CT, teachers are immersed in course-specific curriculum, complete hands-on activities, projects and problems with a strong focus on pedagogy.

Teachers must successfully pass CT for every PLTW course they wish to implement and instruct.

Daily Schedule

All courses will start with orientation breakfast at 9 am in Swearingen Engineering Building, Amoco Hall (1C01).  Class will start at 10 am. All classes are scheduled daily from 8 am – 5 pm. The final day courses will end by 12 pm with the exception of the 3 day course which will end by 5pm.


Training Fees

  • Elementary LAUNCH/Gateway Specialization 3 DAY TRAINING: $650
  • Gateway Foundation Unit 5 DAY TRAINING: $1200
  • Pathway to Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, or Computer Science 10 DAY TRAINING: $2400

Housing and Meal Information and Fees

University housing will be provided if requested on registration.  Hotels with special rates will be established soon.

Click here to see USC Housing Details

Click here to see a USC Virtual Tour

You can check in the night before your class starts from 4-6 pm. Housing staff is there until 11:30pm but would like you to check in if possible during the 4-6 time frame. Check in is also the morning of from 8 am – 9 am.  If you are staying in the dorm, we suggest you bring a mattress topper and lamp for your desk (if possible).  You will have your own private bedroom and share a bathroom with one other suitemate.  You will have a common living area with a kitchen.  Please see the housing details and tour above.

3 Day housing: $150 | Meal Plan: $80

5 Day Housing: $225 | Meal Plan: $130

10 Day Housing: $575 | Meal Plan: $305

Meals are a VISA card in the amount requested (there is a $5 card fee).  You can use the VISA cards on any food item or any restaurant.  It is set to the SC State Per Diem rate of $25 per day.  You have the flexibility and freedom to choose when and where you eat.



Parking rates are:

  • 10 days $50
  • 5 days $25
  • 3 days $15

Parking will be at Horizon parking garage located at 519 Main Street. Columbia SC 29208. Please plan on parking in the hourly parking. It will ask you to take a ticket.  We will give you passes to get out.  If your hotels provides a shuttle, we recommend using it.


Core Training Cancellation Policy

The registration made with PLWT for the Core Training course at University of South Carolina can be cancelled within 10 calendar days without a cancellation fee penalty. If payment in full is not received within 60 days of the registration date with PLTW, the PLTW Core Training course seat reservation will be canceled by the University of South Carolina Affiliate Director unless special arrangements for payment have been made by the school district billing contact. A cancellation fee in the amount of $500.00 will be invoiced to the billing contact specified on the teachers PLTW registration with PLTW by the University of South Carolina Affiliate’s Director’s office.

Fees paid on behalf of a participant who fails to attend the training will not be refunded.

Helpful Information

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