Gateway to Technology Competition Registration

Gateway Engineering Competition

***UPDATE At this time, 2/20/17, no other AR teams will be allowed to register. DM is the only competition open for registering*** PLTW Gateway Engineering Competition will be held Tuesday, March 7 at the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing. Registration will be opened in the lobby of the Swearingen Engineering Building located at 301 Main St. Columbia at 9:15am and participants should plan to be no later than 9:45am. The competition will begin promptly at 10am and should be finished by 4pm. Due to space limitations each school will only be allowed to bring two (2) teams (Both may sign up for the same event ex. DM/DM or the two may sign up for separate events ex. AR/DM). Each team may only have a total of three students. DM will be using INVENTOR
    Due to space limitations, only 2 teams per middle school (1 DM team and 1 AR, or 2 DM teams or 2 AR teams) will be able to register for the 2017 Gateway Competition. The competition will be held on Tuesday, March 7th at the College of Engineering and Computing from 10am-4pm. On-site registration will be from 9:30am-9:50am in the lobby of Swearingen Engineering Building located at 301 Main Street, Columbia on the day of the event. DM will be using INVENTOR!

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